The Campus Library is open 24/7 throughout the semester.


The Campus Library is open 24/7 throughout the semester.

24/7 Opening

The Campus Library is open 24/7 throughout the semester.

Even during University vacation periods the Library is usually open 7 days per week*

  • Monday to Thursday – 8.45am -10pm
  • Friday 8.45am – 6.30pm
  • Saturday and Sunday – 9am to 5pm

These hours may be varied; for current opening times go to

*except for 5 Bank Holidays (Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, August Bank Holiday)

There is also a Health Library in the Clinical Education Centre at the Royal Stoke Hospital. This is a joint service for Keele staff and students and for NHS practitioners. It also opens seven days a week and details of Health Library opening hours and services are available at:

Study Space

Over recent years we have increased the number of silent and group study space and currently, have 350 silent spaces and 270 group spaces in the Campus Library, and around 260 PC workstations.  There are also a number of private or group rooms which can be booked at the Library Counter. 

During the busiest weeks of the year the Library reserves available space in other buildings so you can be directed to a convenient place to study even when the Library is busy. 

‘Text a talker’ service

We know that a good study environment is important to you so Library staff patrol the building to ensure there is no chatting in silent areas or excessive noise in group study areas.  If you are being disturbed in between patrols, please use the ‘text a talker’ service to report problems. You will find the number on table signs and plasma screens throughout the building.

Automatic Renewal

With our new market-leading Library system we had the opportunity to make borrowing easier by introducing Automatic Renewal.

So how does it work? 

Two days before it is due, the Library system will attempt to renew your books for a further 3, 7 or 14 days, provided it isn’t requested by someone else. If it is requested you will receive an email, giving you time to return it without incurring a fine.  

This means you no longer have to remember to log into your account to renew and you’ll only be fined (£1 per day for all loan types) if you don’t return a requested loan on time.

Changes to Short Loan

You told us… that Short Loan is too short as a 1 day loan, the higher fines put you off using them and you didn’t like the inconvenience of having to log on to renew every day. 

So… from June 2016 we extended Short Loan to 3 days, set the fines at the same level as other categories and included Short Loans in Automatic Renewal.

Helpful staff

Your first point of contact for help using the Campus Library or finding things is the Service Counter and our Info Point.  There is no need to book an appointment, just come along and ask! For more specific subject queries, we can arrange a one to one appointment with the dedicated Liaison Librarian for your course.

Always looking to improve!

The Library services are here to help all students achieve their full potential.  Given that today's students are paying for their education, we always strive to provide better access to resources. 

So over recent years:

  •  we have substantially increased access to online journals
  • we have paid for back copies of online journals currently held in print. 
  • we have added more books to stock per student than the average for the sector.

We also provide the following systems to support your studies:

  • Online Reading Lists – The Library obtains reading lists from course tutors and inputs them into the online reading list system. This means it is quick and easy to find details of all your readings from one location.
  • RefWorks - The Library subscribes to the reference management software RefWorks.  It helps you to collect and manage references from a variety of sources and collate them into a bibliography or reference list.

KeeleSU, the KPA and the Library, working together to improve your Study Experience

To help ensure that the service is used in a way that benefits both you and your fellow students, we need all students to work together, so KeeleSU, the KPA and the Library have created these guidelines:

  • Always carry your Keele card with you in the Library as you can’t borrow books, print or use the photocopiers without it.

  • For Silent Study use the individual spaces on the top and ground floors of the Library. There are other areas in the building for working in groups and for taking a break.
  • Use the Group Study areas on the middle floor when you want to work with each other but please respect these and leave them as you would expect to find them.
  • Only use as much space as you need so others can use the spaces around you. 
  • Don’t ‘reserve’ tables by leaving your belongings behind when you attend lectures; take them with you and find a new space when you return.
  • To minimise the risk of theft, don’t leave your valuables unattended.
  • Make sure that you only use your phone where it isn’t going to distract other students and never in the silent study areas.
  • If you’re not using a PC in the IT labs or the IT suite for work and there are other students waiting, please be prepared to give it up for somebody who wants to work - try not to just sit on Facebook, that isn’t what the PCs are for!
  • If you want to eat and drink in the Library that’s fine but for hot food please use the refreshment area on the ground floor.  That way we can maintain an environment that’s free from stale smells that’s comfortable to work in.

Please be tolerant and respectful of your fellow students at all times but especially during assessment periods; many people are feeling under pressure then and you can play your part in helping to manage this by following these guidelines.

It is important to remember that the Library is a place for study and work – it is not a social venue. Library staff can ask you to leave if you have previously been approached by a member of staff regarding any behaviour that they, or other students, feel to be inappropriate.  

If you respect one another, we will all be able to make the most of the service!