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Hi everyone, I’m Dan and my elected position is AU and Sport Officer. My role is to ensure students are engaging in sports and physical activity, in both competitive and non-competitive ways. I also hold the position of AU president in which I look after all the sports teams within the Athletic Union.

I have just finished my second year of studying a BA in Finance and International Business. I have been a part of the AU since day one and have been involved in the committee of both Rugby and the AU itself, as you can tell it has been a huge part of my great experience at university and so I would like to ensure that others have the same opportunity as I did. 

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What a Few Weeks

My Last Few Weeks 


The last few weeks have been full of mixed emotions; with a sense of achievement, completing the AU handbook ready for freshers week with the immense help of the marketing team at Keele SU and excitement for the arrival of you guys to kick start the year as well as a lovely holiday in Portugal.


However, there was one day a few weeks ago that I feel I need to mark. It was a day of remembrance of someone many people at Keele and the local deemed very close to their hearts. Dr. Keith Harrison has been Keele University's Football Club's coach for 16 years and has seen thousands of students come through the club and had effect on them. For me personally in my first and second years I was a member of the then lowest team in the club the fifth team. Everyone who has played for KUFC will have taken part in the legendary rat - rabbit warm up and I hope this lives on. In my second year I helped run it being vice captain to my course mate Henry Jordan. Often I was left to run sessions and when stuck for a drill Keith was always there to lend and idea or two and often stayed to see if there was any talent that should be looked at. It's fair to say I was never moved up.


Heading up to St. Giles Church it was clear that the impact Keith had had on so many people and this was encapsulated by the amounts of people in the church. The church attendee handing out hymn books was on overdrive rushing to find more books to give to the ever growing congregation. The service itself was amazing, highlighting all the amazing work done by Keith with some amazing readings from both family and friends. Through the emotions I was amazed by the amount of Keele AU ties on show and the faces of friends from times gone by, and after the ceremony at Keele Hall the stories being shared between old friends who were all linked by one thing and I'm sure the stories continued in the KPA and further. The fact that there were 13 team Captains at the service shows the respect for Coach.


It might seem to many that I am perhaps not the right person to be saying such words however as VP AU and Sport I think it is right to highlight the fact that although we have lost in a person we have gained in values. I personally will be trying to install the courage and courtesy that Keith showed me, as well as bravery and resilience into everything the AU does this year.


The tributes online have been monumental and the naming of the new 3G development is an apt tribute to such a great individual. On behalf of Keele Athletic Union from all of our members both current, previous and future, I say thank you and rest in peace Dr. Keith Harrison.


Over the next few weeks I hope to meet loads of you guys over freshers weeks and i hope you get involved in all the Au and its club have to offer.



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