Find out your Officers plans for this year and what progress they are making

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Find out your Officers plans for this year and what progress they are making

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Hi everyone, I’m Holly and my elected position is AU and Sport Officer. My role is to ensure students are engaging in sports and physical activity, in both competitive and non-competitive ways. I also hold the position of AU president in which I look after all the sports teams within the Athletic Union.

I studied mathematics at Keele before being elected as AU & Sport Officer at the Students’ Union. As a student, I also did rugby. In my spare time I also enjoy pretending to be indie; drinking Red Stripe and listening to alternative bands . My favourite band is The 1975 or Everything Everything!

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Want to find out about my plans this year?

My UGM Report - A new year, and new updates!

AU & Sport Officer Report: 



Starting the most unexpected year off, I completed the expected officer induction and online compulsory training (which was about as much fun as it sounds). Training on Suicide Awareness and Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity was offered to AU all AU members with over 152 students completing the courses! Big thanks to the AU Campaigns officer, Lucy Whitehouse, who helped promote and encourage the training to our teams.  



I have been in close contact with Dreamsport to provide all AU teams with their own leisurewear page and for those teams who wanted to have their Under Armour playing kit. I also arranged a meeting with all the Kit Secretaries to meet the representatives from Dreamsport. This was a chance for the students to give feedback and ask any questions.  


AU Council 

I created a presentation on what sport will look like next year so the clubs will have a better idea coming into the season. I hosted a live webinar and opened up a Q&A session afterwards, where clubs could submit questions that wasn’t covered in the presentation. I gathered feedback afterwards to see if this type of event worked well, all feedback given was really positive. 


Welcome Week 

I was involved in organising a ‘Race Around the World’ challenge, where staff and students within Keele can submit their step count and see how far Keele have travelled around the world. We have landmarks which tie into sustainability to advertise what’s going on at those landmarks relating to sustainability. At this moment, Keele have travelled ……! I also organised, with the help of the AU committee, an ‘AU Takeover’ on social media and hosted a teams call for incoming students to find out more about joining clubs. 


Return to Play 

Not going to lie, this one was a bit of a headache… 
I supported all clubs on writing a quality full risk assessment and a COVID risk assessment. Also have been in close contact with the sports centre to make sure they were a part of the process for allocating training times. I made a Team Keele Committee group on Facebook so I could keep in close contact with all the Clubs and notify them with any updates.  
On a lighter note, we are allowing teams to nominate a ‘Club of the Month’ where they can win £50 for their club. I am also helping to write a regular newsletter to release to all students about any updates from the AU. 


BHM And Other Campaigns

For Black History Month, the AU teamed up with the SU to celebrate Black Athletes with highlighting some amazing athletes and their achievements through social media. A lot of our teams also took part in #iwearpink over Instagram to raise awareness for breast cancer, which was amazing to see! The AU committee and I raised around £880 by organising the first AU Takeover: AU’s Question of Sport. You guys were keen because the tickets were sold out within 20 minutes. Thank you for all that came and I hope we can host more in the future! 


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