Find out your Officers plans for this year and what progress they are making

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Find out your Officers plans for this year and what progress they are making

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Hi everyone, I’m Holly and my elected position is AU and Sport Officer. My role is to ensure students are engaging in sports and physical activity, in both competitive and non-competitive ways. I also hold the position of AU president in which I look after all the sports teams within the Athletic Union.

I studied mathematics at Keele before being elected as AU & Sport Officer at the Students’ Union. As a student, I also did rugby. In my spare time I also enjoy pretending to be indie; drinking Red Stripe and listening to alternative bands . My favourite band is The 1975 or Everything Everything!

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Want to find out about my plans this year?

My AGM report - Christmas edition!


Due to the new release of e-scooters within Newcastle, Zwings contacted the university to take part in a promotion opportunity. This was a great opportunity to promote a more sustainable way for students to travel to Keele (and yes, it can make it up Keele bank with ease!). Hopefully this will be something more we can push once we get rid of COVID! 

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Union General Meeting 

A Union General Meeting was held on the 28th of October over Teams, and Covid-19 seemed to dominate the discussions (unsurprisingly). An action point that was given to me was to publicise and raise awareness on where Athletic Union membership fees are spent. Since then, I have worked with our finance manager, Lisa Fallon, to produce a pie chart to show how distribution of each AU membership contribution is spent. The graphic was published in the newsletter. 

Retreat from Play 

Unfortunately, since the last UGM, things took a turn for the worse and the second lockdown meant that in-person training and activities had to stop. The AU I circulated a pulse survey around AU members to see how better we can support them through this second lockdown. The AU have taken a lot of the feedback on board and are working hard on our communication through our regular newsletter.  

Be Better, Do Better 

As an officer team we have started a new anti-racism campaign called “Be Better, Do Better”. We launched this on the final day of Black History Month with a Facebook post outlining what we have done and what we have planned. It will focus on active anti-racist campaigning as opposed to the current #NeverOK campaign which is around the reporting of racism on an individual level. Hopefully this will be a campaign to stand the test of time and will implement meaningful and lasting change.  


The officer team is having ongoing discussions with Sustainability Projects officer relating to green impact and responsible futures. Our team are also attending a monthly sustainability forum where we discuss a variety of topics and prepare content for the Green Impact awards. Miles and I also attended the GISU Day for us to get trained up on Green Impact.  

I am currently planning an upcoming project of getting carbon emissions printed onto menus within the SU to encourage students to make a more informed choice on how different foods they consume can have larger impact on the environment. 

AU’s Christmas Clash 

I have organised a tournament for AU clubs to take part over Christmas for a bit of fun! Each week, teams submit a video of their members attempting a silly challenge. The first week, it was a Trickshot challenge: 


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