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Hi I’m Leroy, your elected Activities & Community Officer. I’m here to represent the students views to the university whilst also making sure you get the most out of your time here at Keele whether it be doing volunteering work out in the community or getting involved with all the societies we have at Keele.

I studied a Postgraduate Degree in Politics and International Relations and shortly afterward stood for election and became the Activities and Community Officer at the Students’ Union. When I came here I wanted to dive in and do stuff and help people too, so I got involved with and became a committee member of multiple societies and clubs and I even started one too. My extracurricular activities usually consist of Fencing plus anything sporty and video games.

Talk to me about:

  • Our 150+ societies
  • RAG (Raise & Give) - our charity fundraising
  • Volunteering

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Illness update and being Proud

‘What has Annie been up to?’ I hear you cry! As I write this, I am in bed with two of my friends: antibiotics and Ben & Jerry’s, due to the chainsaw in the throat (tonsillitis) has brought my immune system down.

But seriously, what has VP Finance and Activities been up to?

I could bore you about signing lots of expenditure forms, helping societies with events and queries,  committee problems, dealing with admin rights, sending SAGE account details, signing cheques, away from my portfolio- fulfilling my duties in the smooth running of the Union and being involved with projects as part of the officer team. All of these are a snapshot of my day to day tasks that do a lot of, including smothered with a delectable topping of hundreds of emails.

All of that is really important and sometimes I moan because there is so much to do, but I love it. I really do. Especially as I have been picking up a few too to work on. But what I want to share with you is some of the highlights that I am proud of so far:

Activities and Sports Conference

It felt amazing to do this. I went last year as a society committee member, so to be able to organize it this year, and to make a speech there was a great feeling. What was more awesome was the amount of students from societies and sports clubs who came before term starts, which just shows the commitment and passion of you wonderful people.

Freshers Fair

By the end of these two days I was doing the macarena with Kube Gorilla, half of Nightline Norman (just the head the body had the day off) and a large boob with pink handprints from Keele Coppafeel. That was the cherry on top of two days where I was speaking with societies, ushering Freshers around, and getting numerous amounts of runs for barcodes with the amazing Activities Team.


Although this has not fully taken off yet as I have been either interviewing, ill, preoccupied with other commitments, the first SocShow (society show) run by myself and the Society Rep Connor Simpson was just a really good time. Hopefully, with more societies getting involved with an email going out soon, we will have a packed schedule with a lot more fun, but less apple bobbing. (Not ‘bopping’ as I was corrected in the show after 22 years of this mistake. Shocking.)

The Zones

Anyone who knows me fairly well, or who have had to listen about my new-found passion for democracy, will know that I really wanted Zones to pass at the AGM. And I am very glad that we are moving towards improving the way democracy is structured and works.

In hindsight, I like how our AGM became a part one and part two, as it fits well with the trendy franchises of Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Hunger Games, and it is good to know they we can also create memorable cliffhangers here at KeeleSU. No humour or sarcasm intended :)

Remembrance Day

Massive thanks go to Concert Band to start with, you guys were awesome from what I heard down the grapevine and what I could depict in the pictures.

I was not there, unfortunately, to see the ceremony that myself and Pro-Vice Chancellor Fiona Cownie organized, or the procession to the village by the AWESOME Activities Team, again accompanied by the lovely Concert Band.

There are loads more but I have rambled too long already!! Until next time!



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