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Hi I’m Leroy, your elected Activities & Community Officer. I’m here to represent the students views to the university whilst also making sure you get the most out of your time here at Keele whether it be doing volunteering work out in the community or getting involved with all the societies we have at Keele.

I studied a Postgraduate Degree in Politics and International Relations and shortly afterward stood for election and became the Activities and Community Officer at the Students’ Union. When I came here I wanted to dive in and do stuff and help people too, so I got involved with and became a committee member of multiple societies and clubs and I even started one too. My extracurricular activities usually consist of Fencing plus anything sporty and video games.

Talk to me about:

  • Our 150+ societies
  • RAG (Raise & Give) - our charity fundraising
  • Volunteering

Email me at or contact me on social media below:

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Want to find out more about my plans this year?

Blog 2

Take a look at my video before you read below :)


The "Blog Off" is officially on. In case my video just wasn't enough, have a read of what I've been getting up to the past two weeks in more detail...


  • 24th & 25th of September - SAVE THE DATE if you're a committee member of a society or sports club.
  • There's gonna be some great workshops on all sorts of things, plus The Wombats are performing at the SU on Thursday evening.

No, not this Wombat, but I thought you guys would appreciate a picture of a cute animal.


  • I have been working on improving the block booking system for societies. It is a complicated issue and I think it will be difficult to find a scenario where everyone is happy.
  • I have collected some feedback from societies on this issue but I feel I could collect a lot more.
  • Ian Jenkinson and I both agreed more signposting to and communication of the calendar/booking system to societies was needed so that is something I'm really looking to improve.
  • At the moment I have decided to cap room bookings at 8 PM because of all the clashes with Ents, and so societies that want rooms after that time period will need to book on an individual basis. I can already see issues arising from this so I am going to speak to more people to try and find an alternative solution.


  • I think the whole team are doing quite well with their visibility and particularly social media presence. We have a healthy competition regarding the blog-off which can only be beneficial to engage more students (hopefully, it could always go the other way and put them off, but... we'll see).
  • In the last blog I told you guys I would display the progress I was making on all of my projects and as promised, see the bottom of this blog for my new traffic light system & key for progress.


  • Activities section looking awesome, check it out:

Committee Resource Area

  • I have ploughed through the Your Union section, making notes on improvements so it's a bit more accessible. This is a really significant project because that section includes a lot of important democratic info and unless you're really keen on this stuff (no names mentioned) it's all a bit confusing to navigate. Personally, I'm hoping for more pretty infographics.


  • This year the whole full-time elected officer team is inputting into the Freshers' Week line-up and Nick and I are looking into shaking up the weekly night's out. make sure to check out the KeeleSU Ents page to keep up to date with all the changes.
  • If you already know me well, you'll know I worked v. hard for the Ents department and I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it but also how employable it has made me... I actually got work experience with the BBC because of it! I really wanted to share this experience and all the benefits I got with other students so I am currently finishing up a really exciting volunteering opportunity with the Ents department... which yes, may involve you meeting the acts, but there is a lot of training and hard work to do first!

Doing Things Like This    BBC TV Show     BBC Camera
        Doing things like this ^                   me work experience on BBC TV show Flog It!


  • A lovely new cocktail bar is being fitted into where corner bar was if you check out Nat's next blog I'm sure she'll fill you in on all the tasty cocktails we might be having! We're currently writing a proposal for some new things to uplift the Scruffy Squirrel a bit to make it look nicer and make it more ready for day-time use.

Poorly lit photo, but you can see the progress!
Poorly lit photo, but you can see the progress!


  • Even though I have doubts about some of the changes to role titles recommended in the Democratic Review, I've expressed these to the writers of this document. It's really difficult because there are some roles that have worked really well simply because of the person who was elected into that position, there are others that have not worked so well. Generally, I'm of the opinion that we have to think of the roles in terms of their portfolios, not the individuals in the posts, which is why I overall support the reduction in part-time officer positions. If you want to read through the recommendations we'll be discussing at the next Union Executive Committee (UEC) meeting you can find them here, and if you have any questions about any of them make sure to contact

On that note, I'll leave it until next time!

Phone: 01782 733704
Mobile: 07939 091556
Twitter: @Ela_KeeleSU
Snapchat: keelesu
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