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Hey everyone, my name is Mari and I am your elected Education Officer for this year. My role is to support your studies and ensure that you get the most out of your experience at Keele. I am responsible for a number of projects including Student Voice Representatives, whereby your opinions can be acted on at both a course and school level. My role also includes making sure that your voice is heard and acted on, as well as providing change to university processes including Exceptional Circumstances.

I’m a single honours Sociology graduate though I started my journey at Keele on a social sciences foundation year. During my time at Keele I have been a Student Voice Representative for three years, a Lead Voice Representative for two years and have also been involved in a number of academic societies, though in my spare time I love video games and gardening :)

Talk to me about:

  • Become a Student Voice rep
  • Issues on your course of study
  • Accessibility of resources


Email me at or contact me on social media below:

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Want to find out more about my plans for this year?


All I talk about is food...

Right, tonight I tried to make couscous cake but it just turned in to one big soggy/burnt mess. I digress, last week at the UGM I decided to give my report in the form of a poem because I wasn’t feeling too great (I had a fever). I’m back eating solids again and I thought I would give you a fuller update and invite you to ask questions. are the key things I’ve been working on which were part of my manifesto!


The University have committed to Keeping Wednesday Afternoons Free. Rather than 2pm, classes will stop at 1pm on Wednesday afternoons. But the work does not stop there. We need to make sure this is implemented and work on issues with PG and Medical students.

Timetables should also be released earlier, with more breaks and overall, better for students YAY!


If you were at the UGM, you will know that the motion regarding proposed changes to academic reps passed. As a result, Student Voice and I will begin a consultation with students and continue to work with the University for a fairer, relevant, accessible, comprehensive academic rep system which puts student feedback as its highest priority.

Personal Tutors

A couple of weeks ago, I submitted my proposal to the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education and Student Experience regarding personal tutors for dual honours students. The idea is to introduce ‘link tutors’ for dual honours students so that they have academic support in the other component of my degree.

Plans for Next Year

I’m also starting to put together some plans for next year, which is incredibly exciting! I’m starting to think about supporting students through the appeals process, re-developing the Keele Education Network and campaigns/events which focus on inequalities in the education system.

It’s so exciting to start DOING what I put in my manifesto rather than just saying it. There is plenty more I’m currently working on and plenty more to come as well!

I hope you're all having a lovely Easter x


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