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Hello! I’m Holly and you elected me to be your Union Development and Democracy Officer. It’s my job to help develop Keele SU to make sure it’s responding to the needs of students while acting as a voice for Keele students on issues and campaigns they care about in the University, local community and nationally.

I graduated at Keele in 2020 (minus the ceremony) with a BSc in Mathematics. As a student, I played a lot of rugby and unsurprisingly spent a lot of time in the SU and holding student representative roles. Outside of uni, I enjoy playing video games, and telling people I'm vegan.

Talk to me about:

  • Making KeeleSU a more welcoming place for everyone
  • The facilities and services that students need
  • Empowering the student voice


Email me at or contact me on social media below: 

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Want to find out more about my plans this year?

My update on the Lindsay and Barnes Bars

At the last UGM, you mandated the officers to give an update about Barnes and Lindsay bars, so here’s a lil update of Lindsay and Barnes bar:


In 2020 we saw the closure of both bars due to COVID-19. The university then undertook the decision not to re-open the bars as the bars had been on a financial decline for many years and therefore not viable. Discussions took place between the University and the Students’ Union for the SU to ‘takeover’ the use of these spaces.

Current & future plans:

Currently Lindsay Bar is being used as an extension of our current social spaces we have available. Due to the size of the bar, we can provide bookings to bigger societies or study sessions but really, this space is for any student/s. There is no food and drink offer or shop but students are able to bring their own food/drink  If you would like to book this space, you can do so here.

The future of Barnes Bar is still yet to be set-in-stone. The SU are working in the hopes to get it back open and running again, with a whole new makeover. Unfortunately, we don’t have a timescale yet but it’s looking likely that the project will make progress next academic year.


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