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Hi I’m Miles and you elected me to be your Welfare and Internationalisation Officer. My job is to ensure that students across all disciplines and levels of study feel that they are included and that they have a positive experience of their time here at Keele. This includes sitting on panels, running campaigns, and emphasise accessibility and inclusivity as well as deal with any problems the student body might experience personally and they need support and guidance.

I studied psychology and counselling at Keele before being elected as the welfare and internationalisation Officer at the Students’ Union. As a student, I also worked at the SU as a first aider. In my spare time, I also enjoy playing video games, cooking and the odd Jackbox games night. My favourite band is currently Nothing But Thieves!


Talk to me about:

  • Mental health campaigns and concerns
  • International Student Inclusivity and Diversity
  • Accessibility needs and allyship

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Want to find out more about my plans this year?

My report for the UGM!

What’s happened so far.


  • I have organised meetings with student services and DDS regarding an overall analysis of support for students with illness rather than a permanent disability.
  • Street Team are feeding me information on where around campus is not accessible (pathways, lighting etc) on a map - when this is completed I will be having a meeting with Street Team to go through the problem areas to feed back to the relevant university staff.


  • At the Union, we have CYD drink spiking tests at the moment, but the University have agreed to test drinks in their labs.
  • I am having meetings with the serious incident officer regarding hosting educational sessions on consent for societies and clubs.
  • The university has purchased an online training package called Consent Matters, which is included in online inductions for all new students. 
  • I am organising a campaign named “Sex Week” which encompasses sexual violence, “women have sex too”, healthy relationships, sexual health etc.
  • I am continuing with the alcohol awareness/anti-spiking campaign.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E)

  • I have organised meetings with student services and DDS regarding students with chronic illnesses - we will be discussing support systems and the EC procedure, as well as how personal tutors need to approach it.
  • I am currently designing a campaign which encompasses awareness of invisible illnesses and the impact it can have on an individuals’ life.

Invisible illness.

  • I am currently designing a campaign that emphasises that not every disability is visible, and that we must have a more compassionate approach to our fellow students.
  • I have emailed Security regarding stewards keeping an eye on groups using the disabled/gender neutral toilets on the first floor during nights out.


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