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Union Development & Democracy Officer

Emily Horsfall Union Development & Democracy (UDD) Officer
The Union Development & Democracy (UDD) Officer sits on a number of committees within the University and Union to ensure effective representation of the student. They are responsible for the operation of KeeleSU and the implementation of KeeleSU policy at Student Council, UGMs and AGMs. The UDD Officer takes responsibility for a number of projects and ensures the rest of the Elected Officer Team are fulfilling their remits. They also take on and create other projects they feel would enhance the student experience at Keele.  Along with the rest of the Elected Officer team, they ensure that the policies of KeeleSU are directed by students and act as an Officer Trustee.
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Mon 12 Dec 2016

You said, we did: how students got the electric heaters back

You said, we did: how students got the electric heaters back. As the more observant of you might have noticed...
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Wed 07 Dec 2016

What happened at the Emergency General Meeting?? 5/12/16

What happened at the Emergency General Meeting??   On Monday the 5th of December we had an Emergency General Meeting...
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Thu 30 Jun 2016

And now my watch has ended

So, today is my final day as President of KeeleSU. This also marks the last day of there being a...
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Fri 03 Jun 2016

Handover, Referendum and strengthening our Clubs

Hi All, This is likely to be my penultimate one of these, and I've got a few important bits...
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Fri 20 May 2016

Important things are going on... and exams too... and some fun stuff!

Hey everyone, it's been quite a long time since I wrote one of these. First things first, no, I...
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