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Jeff Whiltshire - Education Officer
The Education Officer sits on a number of committees within the University and Union to ensure effective representation of the student body and  to safeguard their academic needs. They pay specific attention to the academic provisions and procedures at Keele and manage the Education Zone to ensure that student representatives who fall within this zone are effective. The Education Officer takes responsibility for a number of projects for example leading the StARs system and any other projects they feel would enhance the student experience at Keele. They also coordinate campaigns alongside the VP Welfare and ASK (Advice and Support at Keele). Along with the rest of the Elected Officer team, they ensure that the policies of KeeleSU are directed by students and act as an Officer Trustee.
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Thu 11 May 2017

Don't you forget about fees

Hi everyone,  So a lot has changed since we last #TalkedTEFWithJeff so apologies if this is a long one...
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Wed 05 Apr 2017

All I talk about is food...

Right, tonight I tried to make couscous cake but it just turned in to one big soggy/burnt mess. I...
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Mon 13 Mar 2017

Linking Tution Fees to TEF: It's Not a Piece of Cake

Hi everyone,  Two blogs in the space of two weeks must be some kind of record. This time last...
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Tue 07 Mar 2017

Why don’t more people consider themselves to be feminists?

Feminism in its early form was a social movement in order to establish economic, political and personal rights for women...
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Sun 05 Feb 2017

Love:Keele Love:NSS

Hi everyone,  The time is finally upon us, the NSS Survey is open! The National Student Survey (NSS) is...
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