Be The Boss

Empowering students of colour to lead their students' union.

Want to find out more about becoming an Elected Officer? Head to our Learn to Lead session on January 26th! Find a link to the event here.

Of the 60 full-time officers who have been elected since 2010, only 13 elected officers have identified as BAME. That is why we created our #BetheBoss campaign and why we're encouraging Keele students to ask a Student of Colour to run. The job of an elected officer is challenging, but also incredibly rewarding and there is no other job quite like it. You will be a student, an elected representative, an SU staff member, a member of the board of trustees and have line management responsibilities for the Chief Executive position. You also have enormous scope to make the job your own, focusing on the areas of student life that interest you the most.

We recognise that the burden of work combating racism and supporting BAME students at Keele overwhelmingly falls on students of colour themselves, whether that be student activists pushing their faculties to decolonise or hosting anti-racist events beyond Black History Month. As an elected officer and person of colour, pushing the institution's anti-racist agenda will not be your responsibility. However, having more students of colour elected into full-time officer positions, though not a solution in itself, would go a long way in giving students the assistance and representation they need at the university level. Race pervades so many aspects of reform needed at the university level from student access and attainment to welfare issues, and elected officers are given a crucial opportunity to shine a spotlight on areas that have been previously neglected. 

We want Students of Colour to feel empowered by this challenge. Running in an election can feel intimidating, but you will be supported throughout the process and it can be beneficial to your personal development to step out of your comfort zone and take on this opportunity to make a change.

If you know a Student of Colour who you think would make a great elected officer, recommend them below. We will contact them to tell them that someone thinks she would make a great elected officer and why. It is then their choice whether they nominate themselves or not.

To find out more about elected officer positions, here is a full list of available elected officer positions (full-time & part-time). If you have any questions please contact us at

If you think you know a student of colour who would be suitable for one of the full-time elected officer roles then please let us know using the form below. All recommendations remain anonymous and will be used to send to students to let them know they have been recommended.

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