They Should Run Campaign

Encouraging trans and non-binary students to stand in Elections.

#TheyShouldRun is a campaign which aims to encourage those identifying as transgender or non-binary to run in SU elections. This is an opportunity for transgender umbrella students to give students the assistance and representation they need. To our knowledge, Keele SU has never had an openly transgender full-time officer.

Keele SU is dedicated to trying to achieve representation in our democratic structures and encouraging students from underrepresented groups to get involved. We want students to feel empowered by this challenge.

Running in an election can feel intimidating, but you will be supported throughout the process, and it can be beneficial to your personal development to step out of your comfort zone and take on this opportunity to make a change.

KeeleSU elections have a zero tolerance policy for negative campaigning and students will be supported at all stages.

If you know a transgender or non-binary student who you think would make a great elected officer, recommend them below. We will contact them to tell them that someone thinks they would make a great elected officer and why. It is then their choice whether they nominate themselves or not.

To find out more about elected officer positions, here is a full list of available elected officer positions (full-time & part-time). If you have any questions please contact with any queries. 

Student Name

Course (If Known)

Which role would they be great at?

Why would they be great?





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