Black Lives Matter

We, at KeeleSU, want to become a truly antiracist Students’ Union and put Race Equity at the top of our agenda. We have increased our antiracism work in the past few years but we must do more.

 In partnership with the university, we commissioned a report into students’ experiences of hate crime and hate incidents, launched our #NeverOK campaign, and contributed to the University's successful Race Equality Charter Bronze Award Submission. We are committed to increasing BAME students' participation in our democratic processes.

However, we know that Black students don't have an equitable experience compared to White students at Keele. We know we have a lot of work to do in educating ourselves, dismantling white supremacy, and better supporting our Black students. We also know that it is not the place of our black students to educate others on racism, but we nevertheless want to strive to ensure that our campaigns, for Black History Month and beyond, are member-led. 

Our responsibility to you involves gathering student opinions and ideas on anti-racism. So, we are asking all of our students to tell us what you want to see your Union do to tackle racism head-on. We are committed to creating change on an individual and institutional level, working with existing student groups doing anti-racist work and engaging new student campaigners. We have created the space below for you to send us your confidential submissions and suggestions. These will be passed to the new Elected Officer team who start in July and will be setting the organisational priorities for the next year.


If you would like more resources, NUS have compiled this Twitter thread.

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