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    She Should Run - Submitted by Sophia Taha

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    Following the quick success of the #SheShouldRunKeele work which has already seen a large increase in engagement and empowerment of women and non-binary people at Keele including people putting themselves forward for by-election positions we would like to request that some of the work we are doing is institutionalised. Going forward we would like a set percentage of any democracy budget to be ear-marked for the work of #SheShouldRunKeele. We want to see more intersectional representation and empowerment at Keele. It is time for a change and to do better. Some background figures for why we feel so strongly about this: 2016 When looking at the data from the KeeleSU Elections in 2016 there were 47 candidates total. Of that total 78.7 % identified their ethnicity as white. When you compare that to Keeleā€™s statistics on all students, the student body, was 65.8% white. So in percentage terms, the white student populace is over-represented in running for positions of power on campus. I also found that whilst 61.7% of candidates in the SU elections identified themselves as male, the campus wide demographic showed that only 41% of all students on campus were male. 2017 When looking at the data from the KeeleSU Elections in 2017 there were 43 candidates in total. 70.45% of candidates that ran identified themselves as white compared to a campus demographic of 64.8% white students. 61.3% of candidates that ran, identified themselves as male, but campus wide the demographic data meant that 41.4% of all students were male.
George Blake
5:30pm on 13 Nov 18 The She Should Run campaign has already been a major success at Keele, encouraging numerous women to get involved with the KeeleSU and KPA elections, as well as helping develop a new generation of Keele activists through the WOKE campaign. By making sure that there's a guaranteed budget for she should run going forward we allow those who've already made so much progress in changing our institutions keep momentum over the comings years.
Stacey Collister
6:17pm on 13 Nov 18 My personal view is that we are past believing that women are passive victims of their gender. In an academic environment such as Keele (where incidentally, women outnumber men), I think that money could be better spent tackling actual discrimination.