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    Water Fountains - Submitted by Jasika Bhattachan

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    I want to discuss about providing water dispenser in around the university. Most students like me who tend to drink a lot of water in a daily basis have difficulties finding blocks that have water dispensers so we can fill up our bottles for the day. As far as I am aware, I know there are water dispenser in Chancellor's cafeteria and Dorothy Hodgkin only. To overcome this problem, I think there should be a water fountain in all the blocks or at least in most of the blocks in the university so it is more convenient for those students who drink water in daily basis and it can also encourage students to drink more water than fizzy drinks.
Tim Hart
5:44am on 13 Nov 18 I couldn't agree more. The hosepipe tap behind the sports hall is hardly an appropriate place for a student to find a healthy alternative to fizzy or plastic bottled drinks.
Tasha Horton
12:08pm on 13 Nov 18 I think this is a great idea. Quite often I've taken a water bottle to longer or back to back lectures, finished it and not been able to get to a fountain in time to refill it because they're so few and far between. Not only this but it would reduce the need for students to pick up water in plastic bottles, which is always a plus.