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    How Noise Complaints are Handled

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    People are making noise complains to uni security at unreasonable times and without following through with the correct procedure. Security is only meant to be called if the complainant has exhausted every other method available to them in trying to resolve said issue, therefore showing complete hypocritical disregard for the rules which they are trying to enforce. My block has had multiple complains at various hours (admittingly some were in the very early hours of the mourning and we understand the reason behind the call) but more so than not they are before 10 at night on a Friday or Saturday. This is an issue for just my block and have heard from many others that they have had similar situations and issues. The issue isn't with security or a rep showing up, but more so how the use of security or reps are meant to be final solutions and not the first thing people do. We potentially suggest that when complaints are made to security for issues such as noise complains they first check whether the complainee has gone through the other recommended methods before they send someone over. People are reasonable after all and often don't want to cause issues with flatmates or neighbours and such actions only spiral things out of control before situations and relationships are past repairs.
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