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    Free Shuttle Bus

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    Not only are the buses in Keele an unreliable, terrible service, they’re also extortionately expensive. It makes no sense and it’s frustrating when there are no alternatives. Because we have no other option, First can charge high prices for a substandard service. I don’t know if this is viable, it’s probably been suggested before. But a University/Union run bus service that doesn’t run for profit (but does charge) would dramatically alter the infuriating experience of students living off campus. Even if it just ran temporarily to provide a competitor to First, allow us to boycott them for a few years, and drive their prices down. Or more realistically, a permanent University bus service. There would be enormous support among the students for this. Campaigns or fundraisers would be very popular. Fairly sure a cake sale with a banner saying #WarOnFirst would make double the profits of a normal cake sale. Because I don’t know about anybody else, but having to blow literally half of my first student loan on a bus pass because it’s the only way to get to Uni is devastating. And having to be at the bus stop an hour in advance because it’s impossible to know whether the next bus is in 5 minutes or 30 minutes is just as aggravating.
Ellen Adby
7:25pm on 28 Oct 19 Everyone one complaines about first buses, but what about the 85 d&g for people going the other direction. It goes hourly which means arriving at least half an hour before lectures and leaving at least half an hour after lectures finish. Exactly the same issue with bus passes as they are very expensive, especially if you don't need to come in every day. A permanent university bus service would be a brilliant idea.
Jennifer Au?
5:13pm on 30 Oct 19 For me, what's also important is that the busses will certainly run on the time scheduled. It has happened multiple times now already, that I had to wait for another bus, because the bus I wanted to take didn't show up. I waited for an hour the other day and even when the bus was "live" on the app, the bus still didn't show up (or atleast not at that time and 10/15 mins after). This just takes a lot of time and because of this, students hire an uber or taxi more often, which is more expensive. So the real problem here really is time and money.