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    Change the Assessment Submission Deadline

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    • Recent policy by the University has been to standardise deadlines for submission of assessment work at 10:30 AM each morning. • While KeeleSU recognises the importance of clear, standardised policy, there are several issues with a 10:30 AM deadline: • Firstly, 10:30 AM was not the standard deadline for many schools, which have had to make, in some cases, drastic changes to their deadlines. • Secondly, students are more likely to work on assessments during the evening rather than the morning, making the deadline effectively the evening of the previous day. • Finally, a 10:30 AM deadline will increase the chances of late submission, due to a potential lack of communication or human error. • KeeleSU shall have the official policy of campaigning for the University to change submission times to 6:00 PM, either immediately or from the next semester or academic year. • KeeleSU shall take whichever steps it deems necessary for this campaign’s success. • KeeleSU shall consider the campaign successful once the University changes submission deadlines to 6:00 PM or later, at which point this motion ceases to take effect.
Mark Reynolds
6:54pm on 28 Oct 19 Not supporting this with the present wording. Firstly I was under the impression that the present rule was 10am, not 10:30am. For the second justification I disagree that the 10am selection is in effect a deadline of the previous evening, when that is simply a conscious decision by that student to go to sleep. Many students work through the night on assignment and may well finish at 9am the following morning. I'm not sure I understand the third justification. I understand that if students would prefer a deadline of 6pm or 12 noon or midnight that might make more sense than the 10am choice, and I would happily support a change in the time provided it stayed uniform across the university, but I would prefer to see justification for choosing the 6pm time specifically.
Catherine Abraham
1:33am on 30 Oct 19 Though I do think the 10am deadline is too early, I don’t agree with the justifications mentioned in the original submission - mainly for the reasons highlighted by Mark Reynolds in his response. The reason I would argue 10am is too early is purely for the reason that when a physical copy is to be submitted to the school, especially on Monday mornings, there is only an hour period that the school will be open before the deadline closes, which isn’t a realistic amount of time, especially if there is several cohorts handing in assignments (there’s usually multiple within the business school) and if people have any queries before handing in work etc. Especially with Monday deadlines, it is likely people will work on them over the weekend before handing in work, so even if they finish on Saturday, they have to wait until 9-10am on Monday to submit it which means it will be a very busy handing in period.