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    Climate Crisis

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    Keele SU should firstly implement a stronger recycling policy which follows (or even goes above and beyond) that of the university. Officers should implement policy so that Keele SU stops using disposable plastic cups across all bars and outlets. Reusable plastic cups should be introduced to stop the thousands that get sent to incinerator or landfill (like the landfill that stinks out the area around our beautiful campus every day). I have carried out a research and both pint and half-pint reusable tumblers are available from Alliance (one of the University's & SU's sundries suppliers, who Root & Branch used to set up the reusable coffee cup campaign), here are a few of the options: (customers with an account i.e. the uni & SU get a discount on web prices and many other suppliers are available. I'm sure the rep who helped out with coffee cups would love to help out with this.). If cost is an issue, the Motorpoint arena in Nottingham charges a £1 deposit for all reusable tumblers, which customers get back when they return their cup at the end of the gig. Following the same example, it would make sense for the SU shop & outlets to stop selling drinks in plastic bottles. Aluminium cans are so much more sustainable than plastic bottles and all drinks on sale could be moved across to cans. The average aluminium can is made from 68% total recycled content, cans they are infinitely recyclable, they can go from the recycling bin to store shelves within 60 days, they stay colder for longer, keeping the water cool and fresh & cans pack tighter making them more efficient to transport than other drinks containers. This change can be made easily on all drinks sold including water (Can'O Water is now available from most commercial catering suppliers, including Bidfood who supply Keele). This could be extended even further through the SU extending the zero waste shop & reusable cup campaign through providing a coke post-mix machine to top up reuseable bottles, as an alternative to selling packaged items, the cost can be dependent on the bottle filled (use the Chillly's that the SU shop stocks as a size example), using a post-mix machine also reduces the storage space required for the SU. It would be great for the SU to implement this policy alongside societies such as KUGS due to their skillset, knowledge and willingness.
Felix Freeman-Davies
12:43pm on 3 Mar 20 1. Invest in Compostable plastic cups 2. Fossil Fuels are a much larger contribution if we really wanted to make a change the SU should focus on Renewable energy resources to power the SU such as solar or wind and become enegery independent, its a big ask but climate change is big too and the main response should be big too!