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    Committee Training

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    The last full weekend of committee training was unfortunately placed during exam period. With many society holding by elections and such over recent weeks and plans to hold them in the future too, it will be a shame for students to not be able to gain the necessary experience and skills in how to help run a society. Therefore we should have a full weekend event, similar to how the last committee training was done, taking a whole day and similar to how student voice rep training works. It should also be a weekend too as it will not hinder students who might have busy weeks with work ect or sports fixtures. Further to this, the training could maybe be open to society members who are interested in running for committee as it will teach and show them what running a society invokes and may encourage those who arnt sure to run. While it is acknowledged that the SU has already planned out various individual sessions throughout the semester, as they are scatted and spread through out the semester it can cause clashes and issues with students unable to make the individual sessions. Also a full weekend means that it can be over and done with per say faster so students who are missing the training can get qualified to start getting their HEAR hours and also have a better understanding of what they are meant to be doing if they are on committee but haven't been able to attend previous sessions.
Ciara Placentino
10:39am on 5 Feb 20 I like how we can pick up individual sessions, yes some cause clashes but I feel there are so many sessions it's easy to attend 4. Also, if you are having difficulty and speak to activities they can arrange a session for you.

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