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Union General Meetings (UGMs)

Union General Meetings are a place for students to come together to discuss and decide what KeeleSU should be working on for students. Find out when these take place...

If there's something you think needs to be addressed, you can make suggestions by proposing an idea

To view the papers of any past UGM (along with AGMs, EGMs and Union Council meetings) you can visit our archive where all meeting files are listed by date. 

This Year's UGMs

This year's UGMs are taking place on the 3rd November, 6th December, 8th February, and 8th May.


All Student Votes

When a motion requires KeeleSU to take a stance on something, we require a "supermajority" in order for this to pass at a meeting. This is because it's really important that we get consensus before passing anything overtly political. When a motion does not get a supermajority at a UGM, it moves to an all-student vote. Any current All Student Votes are displayed below. 

Please note, whilst this vote appears as a "referendum" on this website, it is classed as an Online Vote as described in the KeeleSU Bye-Laws (Chapter 4, Section 5) 

There are no referenda running at the present time.