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    At present, there are no opportunities for students to be heard on specific NUS policy issues other than at the NUS Delegate election, which cannot be held at a time after the NUS Conference agenda has been published. Additionally, there are no opportunities for students to know what their NUS Delegates did at NUS Conference, or subsequently hold them to account. I would like the SU to: KeeleSU shall hold a special SU meeting once the NUS Conference agenda is published, discussing policy proposed to Conference. The agenda and format of this meeting shall be at the discretion of KeeleSU. KeeleSU shall allow NUS Delegates to submit a written or spoken report to the first UGM held after NUS Conference, reporting on actions taken. It shall not be a requirement for NUS Delegates to attend the meetings in Action Points 1 and 3, or submit a report, and the NUS Delegation as a whole may opt to submit a single report.
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