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    Personal Tutoring

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    (This is a table discussion, so the text below will not specifically be voted on) I know this is a priority for Mari next year, but formalising it in a mandate in UGM gives it more strength when put towards the university. I want KeeleSU to hold a discussion with students around their personal tutors: what are students experiencing vs what do they expect from their personal tutor? Secondly, I'd like KeeleSU to lobby the university for better training for personal tutors, including ongoing training to ensure they are always equipped and prepared to support students .Finally I'd like KeeleSU to lobby Keele to amend 'Code of Practise for Personal Tutoring of All Taught Students' Section 6.0 to say: "Students should be informed that they can change their personal tutor or subject advice tutor without reason. Students should contact the Senior Personal Tutor to change personal tutor. Students may not request specific staff members, but more broad categories e.g. specific gender"
Jack Medlin
7:22pm on 19 Mar 20 To give some information on why this is an issue I'd like to give you some statistics from within my school (n = 117): 55% of students asked had not met with their personal tutor more than once this academic year (30% hadn't met them this year!) despite the code of conduct saying that 4 meetings will be held per academic year. We deserve personal tutors who actively reach out to students instead of passively wait for students to reach out to them, as for example students with anxiety may not reach out to their personal tutor in a time of need. 66% of students asked felt as if their personal tutor was not equipped or trained to deal with their needs effectively. When matters are serious personal tutors can signpost and refer, but to the worried-well this isn't appropriate. Staff should receive mental health first aid training alongside the ability to train in skills like incident disclosure. They should receive ongoing training to ensure they are always able to support the complex needs of students. 41% of students were not aware they could change their personal tutor. The way in which this system currently works is inaccessible as it requires a) a reason to be provided to the school and b) for you to provide this to the school manager (lets be real do you know who that is?). The proposed lobbying to change this section of the code of conduct means that there is more accessible freedom around personal tutors, and that you don't need to disclose to be comfortable. Personal tutors can be very hit-or-miss but when they work they can make all the difference to your university experience (my current PT is amazing, I just had to go through 3 of them to get to her!) and everyone deserves this support network.