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    People's Vote - Submitted by Tom Snape

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    KeeleSU believes leaving the European Union would have a significant detrimental impact on students and formally endorses the campaign for a People's Vote. Moreover, KeeleSU will engage in a campaign to encourage its students to write to their MPs to express their concerns about the impact of Brexit.
James English
1:18pm on 9 Nov 18 While it is true that students voted overwhelmingly to remain, their was an extremely passionate and dedecated leave campaign at Keele. The SU remained neutral for a very good reason, because it believed then that on this issue no subset of students on a council or at a meeting could hope to represent all Keele students voices; they're simply not far-reaching enough for that. Let's focus our campaigning on the issues closer to home, that we can have a meaningful impact on.
Tim Hart
5:27am on 13 Nov 18 The SU has the right to question any vote, it encourages free thought. To suggest campaigning on behalf of a minority is part of the popularity contest which represents the modern SU. Guillible and foreign students may support this but you lose credibility and respect from all else.
Tim Hart
6:26am on 13 Nov 18 I notice this has been added as online vote but does not appear to be on the tabled dicussion list. Please leave your personal political agenda at home where it belongs Tom. Focus on the tasks you are employed to do rather than wasting your time trying to reverse a national vote. Democracy is not about revoting until the result you want is chosen. You know better.