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    Staff Protocol Motion

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    The KeeleSU staff protocol outlines how staffing issues should be discussed by KeeleSU's democratic forums. The protocol has not been reviewed for a number of years. As part of the democratic review we have looked through the existing chapters and found areas that aren't clear or don't work effectively. The purpose of the protocol is to not put at risk our HR processes Officers are elected representatives who should be held to account by students. Opinions The current protocol contains excessive obscure language. While it is important that students are able to hold the SU and it's leadership to account, the employment status of staff is not up for debate in democratic forums. Actions - To replace the staff protocol in the Bye-Laws with the following: No staffing issues, except staffing policy, may be discussed in UGM and Union Council. This ensures that legal requirements and obligations under Protection of Employment and associated legislation are not breached. Such matters may be discussed at Staffing and Executive Committees under closed agenda; no minutes will be taken. Discussions around the KeeleSU finances or trading shall not be considered ‘staffing issues’. Conversations regarding staffing issues of student staff shall be exempt from this chapter’s protocol so long as the Union Development and Democracy Officer and Student Staff Officer approve. Should attendees at an SU forum (other than the executive committee) attempt to discuss staffing matters, the Chair of the meeting should inform them of the staff protocol and no further discussion of the matter shall occur.
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