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    Platform Policy

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    There are currently several different policies or statements to do with how speakers or groups shall be provided with a platform. KeeleSU’s trustee board expressed concerns about this situation potentially leaving individuals confused and asked that this be reviewed and compiled into one place. Opinions This situation makes it difficult to understand how this process should work in practice. Actions To approve the attached 'Platform Guidance' document. This policy shall supersede all previous 'platform' policies. Any references to no-platform in the Bye-Laws shall be removed.
Sophia Taha
5:53pm on 22 May 19 I am disgusted by the SU s last minute decision to show this year's Eurovision and then the awful lack of work done by the sabbs team to make sure we stuck to our no platform policy as voted in by the last UGM. I have no faith in the SU and it's process when it comes to avoiding alliance with extremely problematic areas. The SU has aligned itself with apartheid by showing this year's Eurovision and is not a place I am proud to be associated with.

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