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    Voter Registration

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    I would like the Students Union to do more to encourage Voter registration and for them to lobby the University to also adopt a new stance. Facts and Opinions. One of the key roles of a Students Union and Keele Students Union is to enfranchise students and help them have their voices heard. According to YouGov recent polling data (as of writing this) the Liberal Democrats are now the UKs "2nd party", being more popular than the Labour Party. The Newcastle-under-Lyme constituency is the 6th most marginal seat in the country with a 30 vote difference between the Conservative and Unionist Party and the Labour Party. Newcastle- under-Lyme is not a "Safe Seat". Therefore the outcome of an election is uncertain and each vote matters. I would like the adoption of the following action points. This motion calls for greater encouragement within and around the university campus and Students Union towards voter registration including but not limited to the following action points: Provide voter registration material within and around but not limited to the following locations: - Students Union -Campus Bars and Social Spaces (Hexagon, Barnes bar, Barnes social space ect) - The Library Incorporate voter registration as criteria with in the "Democracy and Campaigns" "society stripes" system that the SU has recently reintroduced. The "Democracy and Campaigns" stripe already hosts criteria for society members to vote in SU elections. This Stipe is predominantly aimed or will interest politically motivated, engaged or related societies. This criteria can and will not require students to vote in National/regional elections, although the SU should encourage participation, but purley for students to be registered to vote. Include voter registration in freshers material that is provided to all campus accommodation rooms and alert students to why they should register to vote and how they do it. Put up posters, flyers and other material encouraging voter registration around the Students Union and wider campus as well as pushing it on their social media platforms also. Many students may wish to vote at home and the Students Union ought to accommodate this where they can, raising awareness for the deadline to apply for postal votes. The Students Union will use their social media platforms to emphasis the importance of voting and how to register to vote. Push for automatic voter registration by the university. Similarly to how new students have to fill in medical forms before they collect their keys, voter registration can be introduced in a similar fashion.
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