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    Climate Emergency

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    I would Like the Students Union to do more to help students attend Climate change campaigns. Facts & Opinions Train tickets, even with a railcard are expensive. This Students Union has a mandate to support climate change awareness campaigns. Students would like to take part in such campaigns but often transport hinders this. The Students union to help in the transportation of students from Keele to climate change events by running minibuses to and from climate change campaign events including but not limited to: - Stoke - Manchester - London
Fejiro Okagbare
11:37pm on 29 Oct 19 As well as providing minibuses to support these events, Keele could have a 'bike bank' introduced to reduce the number of cars we use as they ultimately contribute heavily to climate change. These systems have been really effective in places such as London where people can hire bikes from as little as £2 to ride them from the university to the town centre and return them to any docking station. You can read more on the initiative here: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/cycling/santander-cycles