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    Printing Access Across Campus

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    Accessibility to Printing: only place to print 24/7 is Library. Upon late night studying I have in the past experienced the need to print some documents. However living in Lindsay, I have found it a massive nuisance to walk all the way to the Library to print a couple of documents and then walk all the way back again. It would be easier to have printing facilities spread across campus. I'm sure Colleagues who reside in Holly Cross/ Oaks and Barnes would have also felt this inconvenience. Put a couple of computer terminals in Halls' common rooms and a printer unit, allowing students to print and Photocopy documents with the convenience of being near their accommodation - It would make life so much easier.
Jennifer Au?
5:15pm on 30 Oct 19 I totally agree with this. It just makes it easier to study if you really need some things printed. It also saves time, because sometimes you really need it before a lecture and then it is easier to just print it close to your accommodation or in the buildings were the lectures are given. Going to the library to just print, is just so much effort.

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