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    Parking - Pay and Display Payment Methods

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    Parking on pay and display. Not sure if the SU has jurisdiction to do any about this but as a student I park on the pay and display to get onto campus, I have no problem with this as I wasn't lucky enough to get a permit and didn't want to walk from Keele road or something so it is my choice to park and pay. However, would it be possible to make the pay and display machines able to accept notes or create a way people can pay without coins so one does not have to carry around a pocket of coins in their car. It is a big hassle.
Robert Sharman
5:16pm on 30 Oct 19 Ability to pay by card or also via an app would be greatly beneficial, it's annoying to have to carry coins around when they are used so little in day to day life now.
Niranjan Pandit
5:38pm on 30 Oct 19 I think using an online log in system would be better