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    Smoke-Free Outdoor Space

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    Create a outdoor space for people who do not want to/can not be around smoke but want to spend some time outside
Mark Reynolds
11:30pm on 2 Mar 20 This motion is very vague. Surely the entirety of outdoor spaces are smoke free unless someone is smoking there. Generally smokers at Keele tend to stay within smoking shelters. I'd say a smoke free outdoor space exists next to Keele Lake and throughout the woods. If this motion is intended to mean something more specific, it should say so in the wording.
David Marchant
11:48am on 3 Mar 20 I was part of the table discussions for this. It was elaborated that the main issue seems to be that on nights out at the su, there's an outdoor space that people can use to get away from the crowds for a minute. The problem is that it gets filled with smoke so if you don't drink and want to get fresh air, instead all you can get is a face full of smoke. So I think they're mostly interested in creating a small space outside where you can't smoke but you can still come back in when you are ready.