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    QR Codes

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    For SU to produce posters with QR scan codes for students to easily navigate the SU page to find out to vote. Yes it is quite easy thanks to Liams (correct me if im wrong) Keelesu.com/vote link but the introduction of a QR code or similar would make it easier for students who just want to click and go. Also many students might not or do not understand how the STV voting system works. The creation of educational material will help teach students how this works and encourage them to vote. "
Georgia Souter
4:28pm on 3 Feb 20 Brilliant idea!
Alana Wheat
8:20pm on 18 Feb 20 Great idea - but also bear in mind that some students don't have phones that can read QR codes without an additional app... which there is not always the memory for on the phones!