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    More Songs / Wednesday Music

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    More Songs: We would really appreciate a greater range of songs to be played within each genre. Not a greater of diversity of genres, but a greater diversity of popular songs from within those genres. For a start, if there is a reason why the SU always plays the same songs, please explain it to us, so we can understand the problem. If it is a licensing issue, then perhaps buy a music license that allows a greater range of songs to be played (obviously, if licensing is an issue, please explain to us how it works). As long as you advertised WHY costs were going up (so you can get licensed to play better songs), I feel like people would be willing to pay slightly more for nights out knowing that there would be better music. If it’s an issue of always having the same DJs each weeks who always play the same songs, then get them to play a bigger range of songs, or get more DJs? Or perhaps, just involve more students more. Be more transparent, explain why the same songs are always played. Form a committee of students for each genre, or each day of the week, that can advise on a greater range of popular songs to played for that genre. Publish a shortlist of songs for each night out. Allow students to be involved in making a shortlist of songs for nights out? Allow song requests on night out? Perhaps launch an app. Each night out has a shortlist of songs from a music genre, people can upvote/downvote songs, the higher a song gets on the music list, the more likely it is to be played. If a song isn’t on the list, people can request it, or request an explanation why it isn’t on the list. There are a lot of popular songs that never seem to played at the SU. Instead, it’s always the same songs. Most of all, I’d really appreciate an explanation why? Wednesday Music: MORE BETTER MUSIC I DON'T WANT TO HEAR WHITE MUSIC ALL THE TIME I UNDERSTAND THAT KEELE IS MAJORITY WHITE BUT THERE'S SOME OF US WHO WANT TO LISTEN TO DECENT MUSIC
Georgia Souter
4:29pm on 3 Feb 20 Very much agree with this. Wednesday nights feel like groundhog day and it would be nice to have a wider range of music, and newer music too.
David Kinson
4:14pm on 10 Feb 20 Can you tell me what "White music" is? I wasn't aware that there were restrictions on what music one can enjoy based on race.
Felix Freeman-Davies
12:44pm on 3 Mar 20 Student DJs! its cheaper and you are encouraging home talents

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