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    Employability - Submitted by Robin Dearden

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    Whenever I get a new qualification - or am working on one, I am always asked; "so what are you going to do with that?". Although it is not always possible to predict what next. I think there can never be too much time taken by the University to discuss and direct to next steps. I have good degrees but I think more time should have been available to show opportunities to use the degree.
Tim Hart
5:49am on 13 Nov 18 I believe this is something that should be considered before starting a degree. You commit to a three year course but dont know why? I am grateful for the careers fair and advertising for professional posts but attempting to make it the responsibility of educators to direct your life is a bit like asking macdonalds staff what to with a mcnugget after you have chosen to buy it.
Tasha Horton
12:36pm on 13 Nov 18 I think this would possibly be something to take up with your school. As the experts in your degree, they're going to have the most knowledge on all your possible prospects and can push you in the right direction. I agree that very little time was taken during my course to discuss my possible prospect within my course but with the University/SU offering an array of careers fares, advice and schemes that can be taken advantage of I'm not sure what more advice they could offer. You can get placements/internships through the university and advice through job shop and careers on where to go next. If it's more specific prospects you're after there are careers in the library or it's something to speak to your school about including within your course.