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    Computing Skills (for all courses)

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    Offer computing classes, which can be completed for a certificate. They should include things like excel as this is very commonly in job descriptions.
Michael Brown
5:25pm on 31 Jan 20 I totally agree,there should be it courses available, everything we do throughout University and beyond require this skill,some courses that we do require analytical skills which is predominantly it based so I definitely think it should be a part of the curriculum
David Marchant
11:52am on 3 Mar 20 A coding Bootcamp in something like python or even just a course on internet security would be really amazing. I used to work in IT security. Just the basic things people can do to protect themselves online, basic computer functions that could make their lives easier, simple software repair solutions, ect would go a long way in helping people. I can't tell you how many people have asked me for help with something that a simple 30 minute class could have taught them to fix themselves. Maybe if you even added it in as an optional part of the induction?

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