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Keele Votes

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KeeleVotes’ is an independent, party neutral group of students campaigning to increase awareness on campus of the necessity to engage and participate in the political process at all levels.
We aim to achieve the biggest turnout of informed, educated and engaged Keelites in all democratic processes. For too long young people have been ignored by policy and decision makers, of having their voices go unheard, and the issues they care about being brushed under the carpet. We believe enough is enough and that is why KeeleVotes’ exists.
We want to not only promote political awareness of campus but to ensure that students can and do participate. We want to get all students on campus registered to vote; for all students to understand what they are voting for; to get students to understand the importance of voting; to provide students with politically neutral information so that they can make informed decisions come election time.


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This year the Chair of Student Council and VP Finance & Activities worked with Keele Votes to carry out a survey with the aim of discovering what exactly we're doing right and wrong in relation to engaging students in democracy and making a change at Keele.
We had over 300 respondents, giving some great insight into what students already know and how we can work to improve our Union General Meetings (UGMs). Here are the key areas we identified as issues and areas for improvement:
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Who did we ask?

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  • The majority of respondents were involved in at least 1 club, society or volunteering project.
  • Most respondents visited "A few times a week".
  • The top three reasons for visiting the Students' Union were: "Food/Cater", "Shop" and "Social Space (Night time)".

Elected Officer Engagement

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  • A small majority of respondents voted in the November 2015 by-elections.
  • The majority had not run and had not considered running in any Students' Union elections.
  • The most common reasons for not running were: Not interested, too much responsibility and not enough understanding of the roles.

What is a UGM?

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Whilst there is a general understanding of what Union General Meetings (UGMs) are, there are some misconceptions over who can submit motions, who the meeting is open to, the political nature of these meetings and how often they are.

The majority of respondents have never attended one.

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