Scrutiny and Accountability


(This is an example of a scrutiny panel in action... Maximillion the Dog Scrutineer was observing the panel to learn about our processes #Dogmocracy) 


What is a Scrutiny Panel?

Scrutiny panels is KeeleSU's way of ensuring your Officers are working best for you! Every panel is made up of: 

- 2 members of Union Council
- 2 Students 
- Chair of Union Council 

A week before their panel Officers (Full and Part Time) submit reports about what they have been up to and how they are achieving their manifesto aims.

It's the job of the scrutiny panel to read these reports and ask pertinent and relevant questions to the Officers to ensure they are doing their best for students. 

However, these panels are not just to hold your officers to account, they are also to praise officers for the good work they are doing, and to make sure they have KeeleSU's best interests at heart in all that they do. 

So you say 2 students sit on these panels; does that mean I can sit on the panel? 

Why, yes it does! We are always looking for volunteers to join our valued pool of Scrutineers!

You don't need to apply, have any previous experience or fill in any annoying forms or anything like that; all you need to do is email and have your name put down. Names will then be drawn at random and you will be offered a slot on the panels. 

This all sounds very nice, but why should I do it? 

We know that lots of people like to engage in the Union simply because it's a great way to become part of a community and find out what's happening on Campus, but your time is valuable and there should be some sort of recognition of this. 

For this reason, you can claim all the hours you spend on the Scrutiny Panel as volunteer hours towards your awards (because of course, you will have made a Volunteering profile at to log all of your hours) plus 1 hour extra for any prep work you will have had to do e.g. reading reports and prepping questions

But why? Is that not the job of a Staff Member? 

Not at all! As staff, we are here to support the officers, but by no means is it our job to check up on them! We didn't hire them nor set out what we want them to do, you did! 

Officers were elected by students, based on what students want them to do, so we're putting the power back in the hands of students to ensure your Officers are working best for you! 


Minutes from Previous Scrutiny Panels 


Scrutiny Panel Minutes

 27th October 2017

Union Development & Development Officer, Community & Activities Officer,
Welfare & Internationalisation Officer, Education Officer, AU & Sport Officer


 20th November 2017

AU & Sport Officer


24th November 2017

Gender Equality Officer, Union Development & Development Officer, Community & Activites Officer,
Welfare & Internationalisation Officer, Education Officer