Union Council is a democratic meeting of the union that is primarily attended by the elected representatives and officers, but is open to all students.

Part-Time Student Officers

Part-Time Officers 2019-20


Part-Time Officers are elected in the main KeeleSU elections which take place in November, January and April each academic year. If you're interested in one of the roles, or would like to know more, contact su.voice@keele.ac.uk or come to the office on the 2nd Floor of the Students' Union building and chat to the Student Voice team! 

The part-time officers attend a meeting called Union Council which is a democratic meeting with the full-time officers. Whilst primarily attended by the elected representatives, it is open to any and all students. The representatives are able to hold the Elected Officers to account and vote on motions that can be brought by any student.  To view officer reports, Union Council minutes and agendas, please click here.


Part Time Officers


Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Officer

Hospital Campus Officer

Chair Of Union Council

Raveena Francis

Adam Goodwin

Ahmed Elkady




Disabled Students Officer

Gender Equality Officer 

Student Staff Officer

Chris Shipley

Phoebe Bell

Harry Vaughan




Mature, Part-Time and Distance Learner Students' Officer

Gender Equality Officer

International Students' Officer

Joanne Mcdonald

Meg Burkinshaw

Naomi Verghese




Enviroment and Campus Officer

Non-portfolio Officer

LGBT+ Officer

Niamh Parker

Jake Gill

Shivy Doyle

Athletic Union Council


AU Media Officer

AU Treasurer

AU Deputy

AU Secretary

Kez Akhigbemen

Holly Brooks

Jade Wanden

Harry Young



Societies Executive


Political, Campaigns, and Welfare

Religon, Belief ,and Culture

Film, Media, and Literature

Music, Dance and Performance

Dil Patel

Catherine Abraham

Yaar Dagan

Megann Ford