Alongside our Full-Time Elected Officer team, we have a number of Part-Time Elected Officers; students who volunteer their time to campaign on issues and improve the student experience.

Part Time Officers

Disabled Students' Officer

The Disabled Students' Officer is a part-time position paying specific attention to a key demographic of Keele students. They are responsible for representing and campaigning for students with disabilities, including increasing awareness of disability prejudice and discrimination, and proactively campaigning to oppose and challenge inequality. They are also responsible for publicising things of interest to students with disabilities, advocating for their interests, and making sure their concerns and opinions are heard by the Students' Union, and encourage their engagement and participation in the activities and campaigns of the SU. They also work with Elected Officers on joint projects and campaigns to benefit Keele students, and serve as a key contact between disabled students and the Students' Union.

Only members who self-define as Disabled may stand for this position.

A full, detailed description of this role and all elected officer roles can be found in the By-Laws document here.