At Keele, Student Voice Representatives provide academic representation to ensure you have your say in the quality of education you receive. You can apply to be a Voice Rep here.

Information for All Students

Find out more about what your Voice Rep can do for you by clicking here.

There are a number of Student Voice Representatives within each School at Keele University. These students will ask you for feedback throughout the year, this might be in person, before or after lectures, via email or social media. The representatives attend meetings with academic and administrative staff in your School where they can discuss these issues. 

If there are any academic issues you need help with, you can go to your Student Voice Representatives and they will discuss these issues with staff at the meetings they attend. 


What are Student Voice Representatives able to help me with? 

Some of the issues SVRs have helped to resolve in the past:

- Problems with resources, for example, not enough books in the library for a module. 

- Unsuitable teaching rooms

- Online resources

- Confusing teaching styles 

- Course organisation 

- Assessment and Feedback

- Ideas for curriculum development 

Don't forget positive feedback! If there is something you love about your course, tell your Student Voice Representative so they can tell the School! 


If you have an individual issue or complaint that should not be brought up in a meeting with staff and students, you can contact ASK at KeeleSU. ASK can help with a range of issues from academic appeals, complaints, health, immigration, housing, family, legal and financial issues. 

ASK is based on the ground floor of KeeleSU, find out more here.