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This area is for our current Student Voice Representatives so they can stay up to date with all the information needed to be a SVR and access all the documents needed.





“As SVRs we don’t just correct mistakes, we provide suggestions, improvements and innovations to make our courses worth studying and our advice is listened to and acted on. What we do matters and it’s worth being a part of that change.” 

Student Voice Rep- 3 years 


Why be a Student Voice Rep?


Employability skills you can gain:

  • Leadership and Negotiation skills

  • Communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders

  • Collaborative problem solving

  • Advocacy

  • Lobbying for positive change for students


HEAR stands for the Higher Education Achievement Report. Each student has a HEAR that recognises the co-curricular activities students take part in during their studies, and provides an account of them to show to potential employers demonstrating all the extra work they did outside of their degree.

Being a Student Voice Representative is recordable on your HEAR - you need to have attended training an an SSVC, and to have held your position for at least one semester.

Volunteering Hours

Student Voice Reps are volunteers and this means they are eligible to claim their time in the role as volunteer hours! SVRs can log their hours which allows them to work towards one of our volunteer awards. For more information on recording your hours, visit

You can claim hours for time spent in training, SSVC Meetings, and Student Voice Representative Forums. You can also claim up to an hour and a half for preparation time ahead of SSVC meetings.


Could you be our Student voice Representative of the Year? We recognise those SVRs who have gone above and beyond in our annual KeeleSU awards. Each year students and staff can nominate SVRs and these awards can also be put on your HEAR! Look out for information on nominating yourself and others in Semester 2.


Training Materials


Emailing Students

If you're looking to gather feedback or give information via email, see this guide to emailing students on your course.


The Student Voice Rep Handbook


Click HERE for the Student Voice Rep Handbook

Student Voice Representatives Handbook