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  Union General Meetings (UGMs)

Union General Meetings are your chance for you to have your say!


to be confirmed in the next Academic Year


KeeleSU is all about you, so we want to you to be there and you to come and change the way we do things!

All students are automatically a member of KeeleSU, which means anyone enrolled can bring ideas to Union General Meetings to influence the actions of KeeleSU!

UGMs are the highest decision making body in KeeleSU, and it is completely controlled by you! All students are able to submit and vote on motions that can be about anything to do with the student experience here at Keele; it can be as simple as getting a microwave that can be used by everyone, or KeeleSU taking a public stance on a recent event.


If there's something you think needs to be addressed, you can make suggestions by proposing an idea.

If you have any questions about writing an idea, the best people to ask are the Constitutional Affairs Committee, or CAC for short. You can email them your queries at

If you fancy reading up about what has been talked about at previous UGMs, all of the notes that were recorded can be found below!

General Meetings take place at 6pm in the Ballroom in the Students' Union on these dates: 

17th of October 2016, 6th of December 2016, 1st February 2017, 30th March 2017, 22nd May 2017

Elected Officer UGM Updates

If you are looking for a more informal update from your Sabbatical Officers, have a read of their blogs, they're pretty good!


UGM and AGM Papers

AGM | 17/10/2016 |  Ballroom

| Papers | Recording

UGM | 28/11/2016 | Ballroom

| Papers |

EGM | 5/12/2016 | Dorothy Hodgkin

| Papers |

UGM | 1/02/2017 | 5PM, Ballroom

| Papers | Live Stream Link |

UGM | 30/03/2017 | 6PM, Ballroom

| Papers | Live Stream Link |

UGM | 22/05/2017 | 6PM, Ballroom

| Papers | Live Stream Link |

To see older papers visit the CAC Archive here.

Last years papers can be found here


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