What is a UGM?



UGM stands for Union General Meeting. 

UGMs are the way for students to be heard and involved in decision making at your Students’ Union. It's basically how we can get all Keele students in one place to discuss and vote on issues. It's a big student meeting. 

Some key things to know about UGMs:

Every Keele student can attend, speak and vote.

Every Keele student can submit an idea, which becomes a 'motion' to be discussed at the UGM. 

An idea can be about anything

EVERY KEELE STUDENT IS WELCOME. If you're unsure about something, contact su.voice@keele.ac.uk, we can help you!


Going to your first UGM can be daunting or even confusing. Have a look at the below information which will help you understand how the meetings work and guides you through some of the words you'll hear at the meeting. Click on the images below to read more. 


What happens at a UGM? Click here to find out more.      UGM Jargon Buster Click here to find out more.      Who are all the people? Click here to find out more.      What is a motion? Click here to find out more.