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Get Involved with Activities & Volunteering at KeeleSU. Have a choice of over 150 Sports Clubs and Societies to join, be a part of 25,000 hours of volunteering, contribute to £50,000 of student led fundraising or just try something new!

Latest Events//

Free Film Showing
We're the Keele Reel Society. Every Monday at 6:30pm we show films for free in the K2. Free food and drink is also provided. Check our Instagram to see what's on this week:
Laser Quest with KeeleGermanSoc
Laser Quest Stoke, Lymelight Boulevard, High St, Newcastle-under-Lyme ST5 1PT
ACS Hangouts
CBA 1.099/1.100
Pregnancy Sickness Support Training Day
Join us for a day of learning about pregnancy sickness support charity, talks from volunteers and a midwife.
K-Pop Valentine's Special x DJ ANGBU
Keele SU (K2)
Japanese Culture Society is teaming up with KUHKS to co-host a K-pop night at the SU for Valentine's Day! It will be held in K2 in the SU. The music will be mixed by DJ ANGBU and will include K-pop/EDM/pop songs. Hope to see you there!
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K-Pop Valentine's Special x DJ ANGBU - Collaboration with KUHKS
Keele SU (K2)
Japanese Culture Society is teaming up with Hong Kong Society to host a K-Pop night! Come to hear the stylings of DJ ANGBU!
Maya Ball 2023
Keele Hall, Salvin Room
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ISoc Fundraising Fortnight Trek
Departs Keele Islamic Centre
A beautiful sunrise Trek; everyone welcome!
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Red Brook Scramble Hike
Kinder Scout, The Peak District
KMC are going on a circular hike around the Kinder Scout area, including a grade 1 scramble of Red Brook.


Team Contacts

Jess & Matt  | Activities Coordinators | 01782 734821 |

Sarah| Volunteering Coordinator | 01782 733896 | 

Felicity | Athletic Union | 01782 733638 |


We have training on how to run an event if you are a committee members, however, with each event needing different support, our advice is to always come to Membership services to discuss any event (especially if its your first) as you may need to work with a range of SU departments, develop a detailed plan and contingency plan, make sure that finances are available and many other aspects that need discussing.

Membership services have a range of equipment a Club or Society may want to use, such as cameras, video cameras, speakers, Dictaphones, Tripods and even a drone. You can book this equipment through the booking hub, if you cant find something you are looking for, please contact the Membership Services team.

Keele SU has multiple minibuses available for hire by students, each one differs in size and number of seats. There is a cost connected to minibuses including fuel and driver, plus students need to meet a certain criteria to get insured to drive the minibuses. All of this information can be found on our website, or you can speak to our facilities team who will be able to give you all the advice you will need.

If you raise money for a charity as a Club or Society, the best way to pay in is through your groups finance account. If you have raised cash, we have a cash machine in the finance office which will transfer the money directly into your groups account. We have training on how to do this through your committee training, but if you have any questions or require any more information please contact the membership services tea

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