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Welcome to KeeleSU’s departments, many of which you may not have come across in your day-to-day life at KeeleSU. Here’s a quick introduction – let’s see what we can do for you! 




Elected Officers

Union Development & Democracy Officer

Emily Horsfall

 01782 733701

Education Officer

Jeff Wiltshire

 01782 733703

Welfare & Internationalisation Officer

Natalie Jordan

 01782 733702

Activities & Community Officer

Ela Hollies

 01782 733704

Athletic Union & Sport Officer

Meghan Harrison

 01782 733705

Senior Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

Daryl Ormerod



Head of Student Engagement & Community Developmet

Ceri Smith



Head of Student Voice and Advocay

Fay Harris



Head of Social Enterprises

Sue Booth



Head of Finance & Resources 

David Brown



PA to Senior Management Team and Officers

Dianne Wood




 01782 733821

Student Activities and Representation Coordinator

Andrew Barnett



Student Activities Representation and Volunteering Coordinator

Jamie Robertson



 01782 734800

Senior Education and Welfare Advisor

Matt Steele



Education and Welfare Advisor

Charlotte Jones



Education and Welfare Advisor

Vicky Jackson



Education and Welfare Advisor

Debby Taylor-Woods


Office Co-ordinator

Kerry Whitfield    

AU (Athletic Union)

 01782 733638

Athletic Union Administrator

Maria Eracleous



 01782 733722

Assistant Bars Manager

Alun Lloyd



Bars Controller

Ben Guy



 01782 733815

Catering Manager

Sue Leese




Sarah Roberts



Senior Catering Assistant

Anthony Ault



Senior Catering Assistant

Mandy Bailey



Senior Catering Assistant

Josephine Hamilton



Senior Catering Assistant

Leanne Kemp



Senior Catering Assistant

Bradley White




Jenny Cunningham




Jayne Mee



Dishwasher/Porter/Catering Assistant

Susan Butler




Louise Abbotts



 01782 733817

Bars & Entertainmenst Manager

David Melville



Events Co-ordinator

Mark Askew



Technical Assistant

Paul Bailey



 01782 733715

Finance and Payroll Assistant

Linda Butler



Payroll and Accounts Assistant

Jane Beech



Finance Assistant

Fiona Durrant



Finance Assistant

Rachelle Rooney



Finance Assistant

Maliheh Sani



 01782 733717

IT Support Technician

Matt Clutton



Contact for Media Sales

 01782 733819

Senior Marketing Executive

Elissa Cosway



Marketing Exectuive

Paige Walsh



Senior Graphic Designer

Annie Miles



 01782 734815

Head Cleaner

Jeff Baddeley




Alan Ball




Denis Goodwin




Nicola Goodwin




Lisa O'Driscoll




Chris O'Dricoll


Venue Hire 01782 734815

Print & Copy Shop

01782 733713

Print Shop Manager

Barbara Tomkinson



Deputy Print Shop Manager

Jose Damiao




John Hough



Graphic Designer and Print Assistant?

Claire Eagles



Printroom Assistant

Ryan Heath



 01782 733700

Head Receptionist

Julie Powel



Head Receptionist

Carmel Redmond


Security and Transport

 01782 733720

Premises, Security and Transport Manager

Ian Jenkinson




Security Coordinator

Tom Neville



Security Coordinator

Andy Price



Security Coordinator

Derrick Price



Minibus Driver

Barry Elwood


Vehicle / Minibus Hire

01782 733720

Student Voice


Student Voice Coordinator

Emma Hedges



Student Voice Coordinator

Kate Mitchell



 01782 733710

Retail Manager

Chris Plant



Retail Supervisor

Paula Howell



Retail Supervisor

Angela Price



Ticket Issues and Enquiries

 01782 733718


 01782 733626

Volunteering Manager

Sarah Amplett



Volunteer Coordinator

Jessica Thorley



* To contact Societies & sports Clubs please visit the relevant Society / Club pages located here

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The surplus income generated by the money you spend at KeeleSU helps to fund the services that KeeleSU provides to Keele University Students.
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