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ASK can give some legal advice and book you in with a local solicitors for a free consultation

From time to time we all need legal advice, however, it can be difficult and confusing knowing where to start. ASK is able to offer advice on your rights and responsibilities for FREE on a huge range of different issues avoiding the use of a solicitor!

If your issue is specialised it may be that you do need to speak to a lawyer. It is important that you choose the right lawyer, are aware of the costs involved and go prepared for your appointment.

The costs involved in taking legal action are complex and there is a lot to consider. Make sure you are clear on the different ways of paying for a lawyer.

Some types of legal action and people in certain circumstances can get help towards the cost of legal action through Legal Aid. Use this checker to see if you qualify.

If you don't qualify for legal help ASK can help you through the process.  More information about going to court or tribunal without the help of a lawyer.  

ASK advisors can help you make contact with a lawyer or with anything you don't understand.