Student Networks

Our way of making sure that students from liberation groups (such as women, students of colour, or students with disabilities) are able to run campaigns on issues that affect them specifically.

Student networks are a way for marginalised groups to meet with each other, discuss issues that need to be raised through democratic structures at Keele SU and to run Student led campaigns on important topics close to the heart of students. Students can be involved with the networks as much as they like, you could do something as little as attending network socials or becoming one of your Network's Leads.

We have 7 Student Networks for this academic year - click on the logos to find out more!

All Clubs & Societies are student led and exist to reflect the interests of current students. This list is intended to be kept as up to date as possible, although due to the student-led nature of student groups we can not guarantee a club or society will be fully operational at time of reading.

Networks need Leads!

The role of Network Lead is voluntary which can go towards your volunteering hours, and you can choose how many hours you want to put in. There also is no limit on how many leads per network there can be, this is so the workload can be shared effectively amongst the Network.

As Network Leads, you will be expected to meet with other students from the networks, run campaigns & events on behalf of the network, work with other network leads and network administrators to discuss plans for the year and feedback issues arising from the networks to your Union Council Delegates.

Apply to become a Network Lead for 23/24