Feedback & Complaints

We want everyone to be happy with their experience at KeeleSU. However, if things go wrong, we want you to be able to let us know.

Have Your Say!

As a student-led charity, we want to hear from you about the issues you face and challenges you want us to take on. One way to do this would be to submit an idea be voted on and discussed with fellow students. Ideas submitted are taken to our Union General Meeting (UGM) where your idea will be discussed voted on by the student body


We welcome feedback, and see it as an opportunity to help us understand how we can achieve our vision, mission and values. We use all feedback to help us improve.
If you have any feedback about your experience at Keele SU please email contact us:

  • What the issue is
  • How you feel it could be resolved

We will do our best to respond to all feedback but we will always take that feedback and pass it on to the relevant staff member or elected officer
If possible we will let you know if there are any actions based on your feedback.


Sometimes we understand you may feel the best service was not provided, or you may feel we provided excellent service that you would like to tell us about. 
If you have a complaint about KeeleSU, wherever possible and safe to do so, the aim is to resolve the complaint either yourself or by speaking to a KeeleSU staff member.

Where that is not possible or if you are unhappy with the response, we will resolve complaints using a formal process that includes a thorough and fair investigation.

Our complaints procedure is outlined in this document, please fill in the form within the document and upload it below.

We will only be able to consider your complaint if it is related to KeeleSU, and ideally within 14 working days (Mon – Fri) of the incident. 

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