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Managing on a student budget can be hard; you have regular outgoings and irregular income. The trick is to plan and budget, but we know how hard this is to do!


On these pages, you’ll find useful links for everything from student loans to National Insurance. 

Want further help and advice? Just ASK!  ASK can help you create a realistic budget (see here for an example version of our budget calculators that are available for you to collect from ASK) and give you tips on how to stick to it.  ASK advisers also deliver debt advice, helping you take back control over your finances.  

Check out the Student Money Manual 2016/17

ASK advisers are members of NASMA, the National Association of Student Money Advisors.  
ASK deliver FREE, independent, confidential, impartial advice, information and representation on a whole range of issues.  
ASK has a Code of Practice which set out what you can expect from the service and what is expected and requested from you.  
ASK also has a number of policies which are designed to give you the best possible service, including a Confidentiality Policy and Complaints Procedure, for copies of all procedures please visit or email for copies.  

ASK is Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. ASK's authorisation is number 618690.  Find us in the Financial Services Register.

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Open: Mon – Fri     10.00am - 12:30pm     1.00pm – 4.00pm
Extended open on Wednesdays until 7:00pm

Contact ASK on 01782 734800 or email

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KeeleSU is a registered charity no.1137380.
The surplus income generated by the money you spend at KeeleSU helps to fund the services that KeeleSU provides to Keele University Students.
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